HPC Healthline UK Limited was created on 1st January 2006 following the acquisition of Healthline Products Limited by Hanfare Protective Clothing Limited (HPC).

Established in 1968 and originally focused on the protective clothing market. In 1980 it began manufacturing polythene aprons and bags in the UK. Increasing awareness of the importance of hygiene and infection control led HPC to introduce the Fine Touch range of quality disposable gloves that could meet the markets’ requirements.

Healthline Products Limited was established in 1987 and became synonymous with supplying the NHS’s growing demand for examination and surgical gloves. Healthline offered a full range of disposable gloves and protective workwear to medical and industrial distributors throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

HPC purchased Healthline Products Limited in June 2005. The newly merged company of HPC Healthline Limited now provides a more extensive range of disposable and personal protective equipment and polythene products globally across all market sectors. The full product range includes polythene bags, polythene aprons, pulp products, disposable clothing, examination, industrial and surgical gloves under the well know brands, Shield®, Handsafe®, Caretex® and Trusty®.

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